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Evolution Fitness is now proud to announce they have expanded their offering of fitness classes at our Layton gym! From Pound and High Fitness, to yoga, cycling, and Zumba, stop by and with our killer line up of instructors you’re sure to have a blast! We have some familiar faces and some new faces– but they’re all certain to knock (or rock in Amy’s case) your socks off; and booking is a breeze with our convenient custom-app! Our group exercise programs have smaller class sizes then most fitness classes in Layton to ensure more tailored instruction and modifications geared to, well, YOU, and your current fitness level! So, grab some friends, or make some new ones, and come learn why group exercise programs a great way to keep your body moving in a safe, fun, high-energy, way!

There are many different options for our fitness classes at our gym in Layton and for a full schedule and pricing please inquire, plus you never know what kind of specials we’ve got going on daily! Click here to inquire

Click on one of the class images below to see individual class schedule or view the weekly schedule here.

Barre Max - Evolution Fitness Class LEARN MORE

Barre Max

This will be a very challenging, yet non-impact fitness class that will help you...

Cross Core 30 - Evolution Fitness Class LEARN MORE

Cross Core 30

Cross Core - 30 Everything starts from your core…make it as strong as possible!...

Cycle Rush - Evolution Fitness Class LEARN MORE

Cycle Rush

Get in shape with this exciting cycling class. This spin class will test your...

High Fitness - Evolution Fitness Class LEARN MORE

High Fitness

Get addicted to fitness again with our High Fitness classes. This workout is built...

Kickboxing - Evolution Fitness Class LEARN MORE


Evolution Fitness gym in Layton has kickboxing classes that provide a total body workout...

Sport Step - Evolution Fitness Class LEARN MORE

Sport Step

Taking Step class to a whole new level. HIIT style Sport Step is a...

Tone 360 - Evolution Fitness Class LEARN MORE

Tone 360

Build strength, add definition, increase bone density and decrease body fat by INCREASING lean...

Yoga - Evolution Fitness Class LEARN MORE


Can you remember the last time you focused on your breathing and relaxation? Ease...

Zumba - Evolution Fitness Class LEARN MORE


Dance your way to your fitness destination with Evolution Fitness' Zumba classes at out...

Team Training - Evolution Fitness Class LEARN MORE

Team Training

For folks new to their fitness-lifestyle lifting weights often seems like it should be...