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What’s Quick-Fit?

A group-setting 50 min start-to-finish workout utilizing weights, low impact cardio, and a few other fun toys to create an extremely efficient, high-calorie burn, low injury-risk bundle of fun in our newly re-done Quick-Fit Group Training room!

What’s unique about Quick-Fit?

Quick-Fit features the use of HeartZone software allowing each individual to train at a percentage of THEIR max. Using trainer-guided weight training and cardio together you can build up your strength and maximize your stamina while burning a HUGE amount of calories.

I’m not a 20 year old athlete. Is Quick-Fit safe for me?

For those with any health problems, our trainers will provide you with exercise modifications and help you know which zones will be safe and effective specifically for YOU.

How often can I go?

A membership includes UNLIMITED classes.

What else is included in my membership?

24/7 access to ALL 15,000 square feet of our newly expanded facility. All of our other group fitness classes – yoga, kickboxing, high fitness and more! Unlimited tanning, and full access to our multiple free weight training areas, cardio cinema and full selection of cardio equipment!

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