Anthony Balaich

Personal Trainer – ACSM


The Weight Room.


Tony didn’t always know his passion was going to be working as a personal trainer. His earliest jobs were in sales and moved up into sales management. With the success he had there, he thought he would be a salesman for the rest of his life. Almost a decade later he realized he didn’t want to just sell things for the sake of making money. Instead, he wanted to work in an industry where he could have more pride in successfully helping people better themselves. He decided to shift his studies to Fitness and Nutrition and has never looked back since. He studied fitness and nutrition for another 2 years as well as training directly under his mentor, Cameron Brown, before gaining his certification.

In addition to his certification through ACSM, he has also taken many specialty courses from ACSM such as 21st Century Optimization of an Athlete’s Diet, Resistance Training and Older Adults, Heart Rate-Based Training, Resistance Training Recommendations during Mid-Adulthood, Sports Nutrition in the Real World, The Importance of Sleep to health and fitness and many more.

Nutrition Counseling

Realizing the incredible importance of proper nutrition and the impact that healthy eating has on our lives, I continued to absorb as much factual information as I could on the subject to best help those I work with.


  • Strength Training
  • Cardio Training
  • Fitness Consultations
  • Nutrition Counseling

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