Brittani Smith

Personal Trainer NASM, Nutrition Counceling

Brittani developed a love, passion and appreciation for fitness in 2016 when she decided to turn to exercise as a means to help her fight a lifelong battle with anxiety and depression, which had been magnified at the time due to a case of postpartum depression after the birth of her fourth child. After only a couple of weeks of consistent exercise, there was a noticeable difference in her anxiety levels and mood, and from then on, she was hooked.

Over the next four years of her own trial and error in fitness, and one year of training with Cameron, Brittani was able to get off of her anxiety and depression medications, lose over 60 pounds, find her passion in life and gain a wealth of knowledge. She decided she wanted to use the experience and knowledge she gained to start helping others find the happiness, balance and confidence that a fit lifestyle had brought her, so she became a certified personal trainer and certified nutritionist through ISSA.

Brittani has been working out at Evolution Fitness since 2016 and she is so excited to now be a part of their incredible personal training team! Her goal as a personal trainer is to help people not only achieve their health and physical fitness goals but to also help them see the incredible ways that living a healthier and more active lifestyle can benefit them mentally and emotionally. Her hope is to help others find their “why” and to light the spark in them that was lit in her to make changes, to show up for themselves and to feel the sense of self-worth and accomplishment that comes from those things.

Brittani lives in Layton with her husband Jesse and their four kids and two fur babies. Brittani and her family love to spend time outdoors and travel together.

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