Christie Berry

Personal Trainer NASM, Nutrition Counceling

Christie has had a love for fitness and nutrition ever since discovering the gym while going to college.  “It was a whole new experience for me to find ways to be active without stressing over trying to be good enough to make a certain team.  I felt empowered to find I could push myself by strength training, going to spin class, or other group fitness classes.  I love to share my enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle with anyone who is willing to try.” 

Christie has 5 busy boys, and has loved the challenge of keeping them active right along side her.  A goal that she made early on was to stay in shape and be healthy enough to keep up with them and enjoy what they love.  Finding local outdoor areas to hike or explore, visiting National Parks, or playing together at a park or the backyard are a few of her favorites. 

Christie also has learned from necessity the importance of being able to cook gluten free or allergy friendly.  Having kids with food allergies forced her to “think outside the box” on how to improve recipes and make things allergy friendly for the whole family so nobody felt left out at the dinner table.  Being diagnosed with Celiac Disease 1 ½ years ago really helped her to stop and realize that she still had other changes to be made to better improve her health.  “I love the feeling of empowerment I can give others by sharing my knowledge when they are at a loss as to where to start when food allergies pop up.”

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